Texas Pride Fuels

Emergency and Spill Response

Fast-Response Fracing Clean Up Company

Texas Pride Fuels takes pride in offering unparalleled service to the Oil & Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing Industries. This includes delivering fast and effective on-site clean up response in cases of spills and emergencies at fracing sites throughout Oklahoma, Texas and all our service locations.

We have Spill Response trailers that we can deliver to the site that will provide the personnel on location with the necessary tools to contain any type of spill. These safety events on location can be minimized if they are taken care of quickly thus reducing the severity of these accidents. All of our bobtails and trucks are equipped with small spill kits to help clean up any issues that may happen on a frac location.

Emergencies happen. Work with an experienced fracing clean up company that knows the best course of action and is always equipped to work fast to resolve your spill.

Texas Pride Fuels is committed to first class customer service, superior products and safety.