Texas Pride Fuels

Our Company

On-Site Frac Fueling Company Serving Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Beyond

Founded in 2004, Texas Pride Fuels was formed to service the oil and gas industry. As slickwater hydraulic fracturing emerged as an effective way to unlock oil and natural gas from unconventional reservoirs there became a need for continual fueling of the fracturing equipment. With that the reason Texas Pride Fuels was formed almost 13 years later we have evolved with the oil and gas industry and created ways to improve the fuel delivery efficiencies and reduce the environmental impact.

Texas Pride Fuels was the first fuel distribution company formed solely to service the energy industry, and today we are proud to be one of the top on-site frac fueling companies in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico.

Our Service Policy

Texas Pride Fuels has a policy and motto that we work with by and live by, and that is PRIDE. Almost all Texans and Americans are very proud and prideful people that have a great deal of appreciation for the country we live in. Here at Texas Pride Fuels we feel that it is critically important to continue to take PRIDE in all aspects of life.

  • We take pride in our SAFETY
  • We take pride in our SERVICE
  • We take pride in our CUSTOMERS
  • We take pride in our EMPLOYEES
  • We take pride in EVERYTHING WE DO

Company History

In 2004, brothers Luke and Dan Haile saw a need for fueling oilfield equipment that was being used to drill and complete oil and gas wells. As technology advanced and the use of hydraulic fracturing was a necessity to complete oil and gas wells in tight rock formations, Texas Pride Fuels emerged as a pioneering on-site frac fueling provider for diesel engines being used on oilfield sites.

Texas Pride Fuels continues to grow as a leader in the energy industry as well as becoming more diversified in other sectors.

Core Values

Superior Customer Service

  • Building a solid relationship with our customers.
  • Doing the right thing for our customers.
  • Exceed the expectations of our customers from the field level and back office.
  • Provide solutions for our customers.


  • Lead by example
  • Take ownership in everything that you do.
  • Make decisions that will benefit our customers first.

Integrity and Transparency

  • We are honest and straightforward about everything we do.
  • We try to do the right thing, even if no one is watching.
  • Communicating with our customer even if it is bad news.
  • Upholding and honoring price quotes and proposals.

Champions of Safety

  • Safety comes first at work, home and all other times.
  • Continued efforts to make improvements to the safety of our working environments.
  • Constantly improving processes to make our job safer.

Work Ethic and Teamwork

  • Hard work creates abundantly good luck.
  • Working together with better communication results in better efficiencies and a safer workplace.
  • Working hard is rewarding and gives us all a sense of accomplishment.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision, the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”–Andrew Carnegie


  • Starting at our homes we believe in teaching our children what it means to respect others.
  • Treating our customers right and respecting their wishes.
  • Working together as a team and respecting each other’s differences.

Commitment to Employees

  • Committed to training our employees to become our most valuable asset.
  • Committed to rewarding our employees that take ownership in their job and become a part of the Texas Pride Fuels team.
  • We build our organization from within by promoting & rewarding people who want to succeed.

Personal Accountability

Every employee contributes to our success and should:

  • Think before you act or speak
  • Consider all parties involved before making a decision.
  • Treat all equipment that you operate and equipment that you service like you own it.
  • Always be aware that decisions made have consequences to follow.
Texas Pride Fuels is committed to first class customer service, superior products and safety.