Texas Pride Fuels


We Take Pride in Our Safety

At Texas Pride Fuels, it is our mission that all our employees and those we work with are provided the safest possible work environment. In creating a positive safety culture, we encourage every employee to be responsible for their safety and the safety of those we work with.

In accordance with this vision, we will:

  • Ensure company safety policies are upheld.
  • Be constantly vigilant of changing safety conditions.
  • Ensure compliance with the safety programs of our customers.
  • Continuously train all employees on our set policies.
  • Advocate and promote a positive culture of safety within Texas Pride Fuels that all employees want to be a part of.

Safety Policy & Goals

  • Ensure that all employees are adequately trained.
  • Maintain an incident-free workplace.
  • Build a culture of safety throughout the company.

Safety Training

Training our employees is very important to us for several reasons including:

  • An adequately trained employee creates value for our customers and our company.
  • An employee that has ample safety training helps create a work environment that is safe for themselves, their colleagues, and other company employees all working to accomplish a common goal.
  • We provide internal training programs that include the following:
    • H2S
    • PEC/Safeland
    • OSHA 10
    • CDL Obtainment
    • Automatic Fueling Orientation
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Job Safety Analysis

As an employee of Texas Pride Fuels, we want to provide you with all of the safety training that is required and available.

Texas Pride Fuels is committed to first class customer service, superior products and safety.