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Automatic Fueling

Automatic Frac Fueling Services

In addition to our traditional frac fueling, we also offer an automatic frac fueling service for frac sites in Oklahoma, Texas and throughout our service locations. Our system can connect to the majority of equipment on a frac site and keep them at a full set point continuously. With our universal adapters that allow us to connect to all types of equipment we do not require any modifications to equipment by operator or service company.

Our Ultimate Fueling Operation offers best-in-class mobility and footprint. Each unit is independently drivable and takes up less space than a pickup. All units including fuel source remain mobile.

The combination of our size, mobility, and automatic fueling allows us to increase safety on location, eliminate costly delays due to hot fueling, eliminate out-of-fuel incidents, and provide the customer with an overall better service.

To view the full videos and get more information about our Ultimate Fueling Operation, please contact Brian Bowman at brian.bowman@americanenergyinnovations.com.

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