Texas Pride Fuels


Oil & Gas Fuel Service in Texas & Surrounding States

Here at Texas Pride Fuels we offer a wide range of Oil & Gas fuel services in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana. Specializing in servicing the energy sector by supplying dyed & clear diesel, lubricants and servicing drilling rigs and frac jobs along with many other customer needs.

While working alongside drilling locations the same as wire line and water transfer companies and equipped to service any oilfield site, we make sure fuel gets delivered on time and at the right site through our extensive GPS tracking system.

We supply hydraulic fracturing equipment, drilling rigs and production facilities with fuel, oil and lubricants for on-site delivery as well as on-site drum pump-off. Emptying drums into the lubester on site and removing all empty drums leaving no evidence of our delivery. We also outfit utility trailers to be dropped on site and stocked with oils, lubricants and other chemicals of choice.

Additionally, we specialize in renting fuel trailers to leave on site while offering different sizes with various pumping options. We rent and sell fuel tanks, lubester tanks and other related containers to fit our customer’s needs. Our fuel tanks range in size from 500 to 12,000 gallons.

Texas Pride Fuels is committed to first class customer service, superior products and safety.